Sunday, May 18, 2014


Life got somewhat back to normal after my long stay in Sochi and Deana's trip to Thailand.  These are just a few pictures of some different things that happened during March.  
 This was Deana's ladies' group that meets once a month.  They had fun making rolls together!
 This is the small group that meets in our home.   This was our last meeting all together. This group has now multiplied to make 2 groups.  Please pray for Leyla (standing beside Deana) who is the leader of this group.  Also, please pray for Nastia (standing in front of me and Kellan) who is the leader of the new group.  Pray that these groups would grow and multiply AGAIN!!!
 Deana and Ella at school.  Ella's class had a special program just for mom!
 Kellan at his basketball banquet!
Thanking Coach Crump for his help this season!  

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